Exhibition specifications

Curatorial partners: Ministry of Culture of Armenia, ICOM Armenia, consortium of Armenian museums and galleries
Collection: Original artefacts from Armenia, including an exceptional number of national treasures
Available: From winter 2017
Size: The exhibition is designed to be tailored to suit hosting galleries. The core concept is designed to sit within a 600–1000 sqm space – other configurations can be provided as required.
Service: Tailored service with objects and interpretation or turnkey package. Contact us to find out more about our tailored experiences.
Presentation: Request a copy of the exhibition book.      


Armenia: Legend & Reality is the largest, most comprehensive exhibition on Armenian cultural heritage ever presented internationally. Developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, ICOM Armenia and principal Armenian curators and academics, this exhibition brings together objects from all major Armenian museums and galleries. This outstanding collection, including unique national treasures which have never before left Armenia, will be displayed in a beautiful, immersive environment. Beginning in the early Bronze Age and extending to the present day modern republic, this ambitious exhibition is a truly unprecedented collaboration.

Armenia is one of the most ancient centres of civilisation on Earth, where archaeologists have discovered the first traces of human activity in all Eurasia. Nestled between East and West, it has been a fundamental crossing path on the Silk Road for centuries. Subject to centuries of foreign invasion by competing empires, Armenia is an extraordinary nation in which conflict and intercultural influences have fostered a unique creativity, spirituality and sense of unity. Becoming the first officially Christian nation in 301 AD, Armenia is also an important site of faith and pilgrimage, home to religious relics of international significance. Armenia: Legend & Reality unveils the multifaceted beauty of Armenia and invites the visitors to discover the story of this great and complex country and her people, who throughout conquest, holy war, fragmentation and displacement have also traded, crafted, sung, prayed, laughed and lived.

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