Exhibition specifications

Curatorial partners: La Cinémathèque française, Paris
Collection: 250 treasures from La Cinémathèque française including original costumes, props, drawings, sketches, manuscripts, storyboards, cameras, apparatus, photographs and posters.
Available: From winter 2017
Size: The exhibition is designed to be tailored to suit hosting galleries. The core concept is designed to sit within a 600–1000 sqm space – other configurations can be provided as required.
Service: Tailored service with objects and interpretation or turnkey package. Contact us to find out more about our tailored experiences.
Presentation: Request a copy of the exhibition leaflet.

CINEMA: TREASURES FROM La Cinémathèque française

CINEMA tells a story of film from its origins to the present day through the most iconic treasures of the world-renowned La Cinémathèque française. Celebrating the art of cinema and the creativity of its inventors, directors, designers, technicians, actors and writers, this exhibition invites visitors on a journey through a history of film, spanning over 250 years and 4 continents.

A vibrant fusion of art, history and science, this exhibition proposes an enchanting exploration of the development of cinema, from the first magic lanterns to the latest digital productions. Visitors will encounter some of the greatest movies and the biggest names in cinema and will have the opportunity to step beyond the screen to discover the craft behind the magic, from technological advancements to costume and set design.

Two hundred prestigious pieces from the collections of La Cinémathèque française have been selected for this unique project. Original costumes, props, drawings, sketches, manuscripts, storyboards, cameras, machines, photographs and posters are presented. Each piece has been selected to convey a significant stage in the history of cinema: a technical innovation, an aesthetic revolution, an iconic moment in cultural history.

This diverse collection is brought to life through projected film, image and sound drawn from the extensive La Cinémathèque française archive, presenting the displayed objects alongside the films from which they originated. Presented within a bold and immersive design, this gleaming treasure trove of cinematic history promises to spark the imaginations of visitors of all ages and open fascinating doorways to the past.

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