We offer a comprehensive and experienced team of curatorial, design, and construction experts

Nomad Exhibitions was created by a team of expert exhibition designers and producers to foster excellence in exhibition making and to facilitate international collaborations between museums on major exhibition projects. After more than 20 years of experience in the world of museum exhibitions, our founders have drawn on their combined experience in exhibition production to bring together a unique team of exhibition specialists to create Nomad Exhibitions. 

Our team of exhibition and museum designers, project managers and suppliers presents an excellent range of experience in the design, production and touring of major museum exhibitions throughout the world. Our team has a particular experience of working within Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They have drawn together a wider team of more than thirty exhibition development specialists in support of the Nomad Exhibitions portfolio, and developed exclusive partnerships with international museums particularly in the Far East.

Tim Pethick, CEO                                                                                   Nomad Exhibitions (UK)

Tim Pethick, CEO Nomad Exhibitions (UK)

Hillary Spencer, Director                                                                     Nomad Exhibitions (US)

Hillary Spencer, Director Nomad Exhibitions (US)