Exhibition specifications

Curatorial partners: University of Edinburgh Musical Instruments Museum
Collections: Music, design and history
Available: 2015-2016
Size: As a modular system the exhibition can be adapted to suit the host venue. The core concept is designed to sit within a 600-1000 sqm space - other configurations can be provided as required.
Service: Host venues are able to choose a completely turnkey package or to tailor the offer to suit local requirements. Contact us to find out more about our tailored experiences.   

Making Music

Making Music: 500 Years of Instruments and Sound is an exclusive touring exhibition which invites visitors to explore the art and science of musical instrument making throughout the centuries.

With an extensive collection of more than 130 historic musical instruments from the Musical Instrument Museum collections of the University of Edinburgh, the exhibition sheds light on how the design and production of instruments and the creation of sound have evolved from medieval
times through the Renaissance in Europe to reach the global modern culture of music.

Making Music: 500 Years of Instruments and Sound unveils the aesthetic and technological developments that have shaped the evolution of instruments and musical creations, exploring the history of ornamentation, craftsmanship and techniques, and unveiling the artistry and musical
creations of the times.

The exhibition highlights the social role of instruments and music, and provides an insight into the societies that led to instruments being commissioned over the past 500 years. Displays will illustrate the wider social context for the making and playing of instruments, with a focus on makers, composers, patrons, collectors and musicians highlighting personal human stories.

An immersive environment will be created, with large scale imagery, a dynamic soundscape, projections and interactive displays to provide visitors with a unique entertaining and memorable experience of the making of music.

The exhibition will highlight:

-    the engineering and design of instruments
-    the craftsmanship of instrument making
-    the art of instrument decoration
-    the role of people and places in instrument evolution

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