Exhibition specifications

Curatorial partners: Nanjing Museum, China
Collection: Original Ming artefacts from China, including an exceptional number of national treasures
Available: From autumn 2017
Size: The exhibition is designed to be tailored to suit hosting galleries. The core concept is designed to sit within a 600–1000 sqm space – other configurations can be provided as required.
Tour history: Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Zaragoza, Palma and Barcelona.
Service: Tailored service with objects and interpretation or turnkey package. Contact us to find out more about our tailored experiences.
Presentation: Request a copy of the exhibition book.                     

Ming: The Golden Empire

Ming: The Golden Empire is a stunning touring exhibition which tells the story of one of the most famous periods in Chinese history. After successfully overthrowing the great Khans of the Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang founded the Ming dynasty in 1368. Ming, literally translated as ‘brilliant’, was a long and stable dynasty which saw great societal transformation and the birth of a burgeoning consumer culture. The Ming period was one of technological advancement, revolutionary social reform and a thriving culture of literature and arts. Some of the worlds greatest structures, The Great Wall of China and the Grand Canal, were restored to the condition that is still seen today and the Forbidden City, the best preserved monument in Chinese traditional architecture, was constructed.

Presenting the rich and extensive collections of Nanjing Museum, China, this major exhibition reaches beyond the iconic blue and white porcelain to reveal extraordinary treasures, from everyday objects once belonging to ordinary Ming subjects to rare and luxurious artefacts of the Imperial Court. Ming: The Golden Empire illustrates the dynasty’s greatest artistic achievements and explores the social, military and architectural developments that have marked the Ming era as the Golden Age of ancient China.

Following highly successful presentations in Edinburgh and Amsterdam, Ming: The Golden Empire will be presented at the Caixa Forums of Zaragoza, Palma and Barcelona in 2016 and 2017. It will then be available for international tour from late 2017.  

Discover the exhibition content and the collection in details in the exhibition book, which you can request here.

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