A new approach to international touring

Nomad Exhibitions specialises in the design, production and management of engaging and experiential temporary, touring and permanent interpretive exhibitions for museums and cultural venues worldwide.

With our team of curatorial, design, and construction experts, we work in partnership with museums and cultural venues to create unique exhibition concepts, design outstanding galleries and bring these ideas to life through expert construction and installation management.

At the core of Nomad Exhibitions lies the management expertise. We plan, develop and produce seamless tours for prestigious exhibitions worldwide. We manage every step of the process to deliver effective touring experiences for our cultural partners and their collections, a rewarding curatorial partnership for hosting museums and cultural venues, and an unforgettable visitor experience to worldwide audiences.

Our mission

Nomad Exhibitions is committed to fostering international cultural exchanges and provides worldwide audiences access to outstanding museum collections. We support exhibition organisers and museum professionals in developing appealing exhibition programmes and gallery experiences, with an exceptional portfolio of tailored touring exhibitions and innovative design and production services.

•    Nomad Exhibitions is dedicated to providing exhibition organisers and museum professionals with seamless turnkey production experiences characterised by curatorial excellence and state of the art design.

•    Nomad Exhibitions is committed to offer worldwide audiences unique visitor experiences and access to outstanding world cultures, art and history collections.

•    Nomad Exhibitions is dedicated to facilitating international collaborations between museums on major exhibition projects.

Our vision

Nomad Exhibitions aspire to encourage cultural interactions between international communities, through innovation in exhibitions and interpretation. We aim to contribute towards the improvement of the exhibition production experience for cultural venues and museums, and to the progress of worldwide access to collections, through creative design, curatorial excellence and exceptional partnerships.