Step into the ancient tombs of Inner Mongolia to discover the forgotten story of an extraordinary civilisation. Illustrated with stunning original artefacts intricately crafted in gold and silver the exhibition also introduces us to the mysterious Liao Princess of Chen.

Tombs of the Liao Dynasty unearths the little-known history of an enigmatic dynasty that ruled over a large part of East Asia 907–1125 AD: the Liao dynasty.

The Liao dynasty was founded by an ancient nomadic group known as the Khitan. Until recently the Liao and its nomadic founders were a neglected and misunderstood chapter of Chinese and Inner Asian history. Following ground-breaking recent discoveries of tombs across Inner Mongolia and Northern China, these perceptions have been transformed and the sophistication, creativity and refinement of this extraordinary ancient civilisation have been revealed.

Bringing to light over 120 remarkable treasures from museums across Inner Mongolia, the exhibition is an immersive journey of archaeological and artistic discovery which offers a unique encounter with powerful characters and a fascinating lost culture.



Venue gallery size: 600–1,000 sqm

Venue ceiling height: 4 metres recommended

Conservation & security: High

Standard rental length: 16 weeks