Exhibition specifications

Curatorial partners: Historic Environment Scotland and Nanjing Museum
Collections: Archive manuscript, photography, architecture, history and art collections    
Available: From winter 2017
Size: As a modular system the exhibition can be adapted to suit the host venue. The core concept is designed to sit within a 200-800 sqm space - other configurations can be provided as required.
Tour history: Nanjing Museum, China. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. Lisbon Museum, Portugal.
Service: Tailored service with collection and interpretation or turnkey package. Contact us to find out more about our tailored experiences. Presentation: Request a copy of the exhibition book.

A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities is an award-winning exhibition which explores the urban and architectural history of Edinburgh and another major international city, identified for its unique urban heritage.
Proposed to major cities worldwide, this exhibition offers an unprecedented comparison of the cultural and architectural landmarks of Edinburgh and the host city, providing an insight into the parallel developments that have shaped them into world class urban centres. The narrative takes visitors on a journey through the compared developments of the city landscapes and unveils how the cities have shared periods of radical development, how these developments were planned and implemented and how their citizens lived, worked and played within ever-growing urban environments.
Revealing change and continuity, similarities and differences in city developments, the exhibition tells the story of cities in a new light, from the first settlements to the modern urban centres. This unique urban exploration will be presented through rare manuscripts, maps, artworks and cutting edge new-media.

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