Exhibition design

We provide a complete expert service for the design of exhibitions and museum galleries worldwide from our in house design studio.

Passionate about new design trends and interpretation through outstanding displays, our design studio supports other museum professionals in the development of their exhibitions and galleries, and helps them create enticing new visitor experiences appealing to existing and new audiences.

Our design and interpretation specialists have a large and varied experience working in partnership with museums and cultural venues to create unique content driven exhibition concepts and design world class galleries. We develop outstanding museum masterplans, gallery and exhibition schemes, based on robust audience development expertise, refined aesthetics, an innovative approach to technologies, and the core objective to create appealing, entertaining, educational and memorable visitor experiences.

Our experienced team can deliver:

-    Museum masterplanning
-    Permanent and temporary galleries design
-    Visitor experience concept design
-    Detailed exhibition, galleries and immersive environments design
-    Exhibits and hands on experiences design
-    Exhibition brand design
-    Exhibition publications and education resources design